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A Bill of Sale is a contract between a buyer and a seller. The subject of the contract/bill of sale can be almost anything. Most of us think that a Bill of Sale is for a car or truck, but anything being bought or sold can be governed by a BOS. For example, maybe you want to sell some jewelry to a friend. Creating a BOS for that transaction will prove that the sale took place, what the terms are, and the amount of money paid for the jewelry. Anything that can legally be bought or sold can be governed by a BOS.

It’s not required to have a notary witness a BOS, but it makes a lot of good sense. Your notary’s job is to positively identify the parties signing the document. Without this, either party could claim that they were not the one that signed it. This could lead to many potential problems that you just don’t want to deal with. In other words, use a notary!

This site is full of many different free Louisiana Bill of Sale forms for your use. Please click on any of the above pages to find the form that you are looking for. The major BOS categories are:

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